Jet Suction Dredger

Jet Suction Dredger
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The Jet Suction Dredger is a non-self propelled dredger. It is equipped with sideward movement device, lift device, spuds, and deck crane, etc. Without a digging device, the Jet Suction Dredger is designed with high pressure sand flushing nozzle and sucks up sand and sludge materials via centrifugal pump. The centrifugal pump is driven by the main diesel engine via the gear reducer.

Our Jet Suction Dredger is equipped with a genset to supply electricity power for the sideward movement system, lift device, spuds, high pressure injection device, and lighting system. The forward movement of the Jet Suction Dredger is also accomplished via the sideward movement devices at the right and left side of the dredger.

Structure Advantages of the Jet Suction Dredger
The whole ship consists of three pontoons: one main pontoon and two side pontoons. The pontoons are connected by the connecting boards and connecting blocks on the deck and the bottom of the Jet Suction Dredger, which are tightened by high intensity bolts and nuts. The welding steel utilized for the ship structure is authorized by CCS. In addition, the design, building and inspection of the Jet Suction Dredger are all completed in accordance with the standard requirements of CCS.

In order to allow the Jet Suction Dredger to pass through low bridges smoothly and conveniently, we design our dredger with dismountable Control Room and Retiring Room. The connection pipes and lines to the engine room and deck are dismountable joints to ensure that the control room can be dismounted and mounted again easily when the Bucket Wheel Dredger passes through low bridges.

Applications of the Jet Suction Dredger
Our Jet Suction Dredger is ideal for use in coastal, sailing areas in sheltered waters, and other underwater areas. It can be used for creating new waterway, deepening existing riverway, dredging sand and gravels for use in road construction and related industries, land reclamation industry and so on. To illustrate, the Jet Suction Dredger can be used for sucking or scraping materials like sludge, loose sea sand, loose river sand and so on.

To suit varied application demands, we can also design and manufacture our Jet Suction Dredgers according to the requirements of the customers. We can offer dredgers with dredge pump capacity of 750m3/h, 1100m3/h, 2000m3/h, 3000m3/h, 3500m3/h, and 5000m3/h.

As a specialized Jet Suction Dredger manufacturer and supplier in China, Sea Leading also provides Bucket Chain Dredger, Cutter Suction Dredger, mineral washing equipment, ore processing equipment, and more.

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